Defying Mental Illness

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Defying Mental Illness 2014 Edition now available

Defying Mental Illness 2014 edition is now available in print and in all ebook formats, with special ebook pricing. A complete 350-page mental health recovery reference, formatted for smartphones and tablets.

It is a substantial update. Finally, there is a way to talk about and work through mental health issues using nonclinical terms. Churches and communities can use the tools of Defying Mental Illness to support people with mental health issues, and help people make progress in their lives.

Human development and social learning have emerged as key themes in the 2014 edition of Defying Mental Illness. Also in this edition:

  • Additional emphasis on trauma and its effects
  • Revised chapters on suicide prevention, violence, and crisis response
  • The Safe Zone System, a method for balancing safety with a person's need to extend their range and build capacity.
  • New material on informed consent and person-centered strength-based care
  • New material relating to disability through the lifespan
  • New material on addiction, addiction treatment, and addiction recovery programs
  • Nonclinical resources for addressing destructive thought patterns, and for discovering a person's key strengths
  • Brief comments about the transition currently underway in the U.S. healthcare system

The Defying Mental Illness website at includes helpful videos, downloadable worksheets, and links to additional resources.

Learn more about the thinking behind Defying Mental Illness 2014.

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