Defying Mental Illness

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Top 20 Book for Parents

Defying Mental Illness has been named one of the "Top 20 Books on Parenting or Teaching Children with Special Needs" by Special Needs Book Review. 
Defying Mental Illness: Finding Recovery with Community Resources and Family Support   -by Paul Komarek & Andrea Schroer A guide book to recovery from mental illness. It is simply written for all families, friends or the individuals themselves who are looking for advice about the steps to take when mental illness is taking all they have… zest for life, relationships, friendships, career, and a happy childhood and school years. Families and friends have a role in the recovery process and this book has essential information to help people with symptoms and family members collaborate and support each other.  Review  (This review is of based on their first edition of  2010. Congratulations on their 2013 second edition!)

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